A US senator reveals the value of the FBI’s push to penetrate the iPhone

The start of the legal battle between Apple and the FBI in 2016. The FBI was looking for a way to penetrate the iPhone owned by the suspect in the attack in San Bernardino, USA. Then the office asked Apple to allow it to have hidden holes to penetrate the iPhone, so the company refused to do so so as not to become a pretext to penetrate the phone later.

Despite the legal battle, many experts and technical analysts commented that everything that happens is nothing more than a review of the FBI, and that the administration has all the technical resources to penetrate the phone without having to go to court. However, a few months after the battle began, the office announced that it had successfully penetrated the iPhone – the iPhone 5C – without Apple’s help.

How much would it cost? No one knew then, but recently, Senate member Dianne Fitchin said the FBI had paid about $ 900,000 to buy a hacker’s iPhone 5C spy device.

The Office did not formally confirm that value, but the value is expected to be correct.




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