Tim Cook talks about the future of television and Apple’s efforts in the enhanced reality

Tim Cook conducted a lengthy interview with CNBC, specifically Mad Money, where he talked about Apple’s role in job creation, and the company’s vision for the future of television and the enhanced reality.

Cook began by responding to people who thought Apple was completely over, saying that the company’s overall focus on the future was never looking at the exchange rate of the stock market because it was interested in investing in the future, nothing else.

Apple’s current chief executive confirmed that iPhone is today one of the best consumer products in history because it has become a necessity in the life of the user is indispensable; all health data and daily user activity stored inside. Electronic payments are also made through Apple Pay. Communication with friends through iMessage should not be neglected, and he has never seen a consumer device doing all these functions.

Continuing to talk about Apple’s phones, Cook said that the proliferation of news and reports on new devices has slowed the sales of existing phones in the market, especially in China, where users want to get the latest device always.

Apple, according to the interview, wants to invest more in the service sector, especially in the field of visual content. The company and its officials fully believe that traditional broadcasting networks are collapsing and the user is now looking for better and more logical alternatives. But is testing options by producing its own content for the time being, hoping to get a bigger role in the future in this particular area.

During his speech, Cook confirmed that Apple will invest US $ 1 billion to create jobs in the United States, specifically in the industrial field. The company has chosen which entity to invest in, but will not announce details until later this month. Apple believes that this investment will create more jobs. Jobs in advanced production industries are desperately needed in America, which in turn will allow job opportunities for secondary jobs with new opportunities.

Steve Jobs believes that Apple contributes significantly to the US economy, providing more than 2 million jobs in America alone, contributing more than $ 50 billion to the US economy last year alone. In conclusion, Cook said Apple feels responsible for society and citizens. He believes that the company is made up of a group of people and can not exist without their combined efforts. For this reason, job creation is seen as a kind of response to society and to those efforts, coupled with reliance on Renewable energies to preserve the environment.

Apple will inject more investment into the development and processing of developers’ software skills in general, a new initiative that will be announced later at the WWDC Developers Conference.

Finally, Cook said that Apple is currently working on a range of great products, Apple watch Apple has had a great impact on users in general, and personally and thanks to health functions lost about 13 kilograms of weight. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key part of Apple’s daily operations, especially with the development of processors and graphics processing chips. To say in the end that the enhanced reality AR is what inspires Apple now for a better future.

The announcement came a few hours after the company disclosed its financial results for the second quarter of 2017, realizing revenues of US $ 52.9 billion with a margin of US $ 11.03 billion after the sale of 50.76 million iPhones and 8.92 million iPad tablets. To 4.19 million Macs.


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