76 iOS apps that allow user data to be leaked

Security group “Sudo” revealed that there are at least 76 applications on the iOS platform has been subjected to penetration attacks, including banking and medical applications. The problem is that these applications can be circumvented by hackers to steal their users’ personal data.

What makes the problem worse is that Apple is aware of the problem three months ago, especially last February, without forcing developers to fix those gaps.

Some Apple developers have been notified to move forward with their applications, but it turned out that only some of them had taken the step, while many other developers did not.

From applications that can penetrate the Dolphin browser, apply the Diabetes Level in Check, and also apply the Indiana rating.

The vulnerability has not been exploited criminally until that moment, but that is no excuse for developers not to take the necessary precautions to plug the software defects in their applications. One of the proposed solutions to solve this problem is to use a mobile network rather than a wireless connection.




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