Charges against Twitter, Google and Facebook for support terrorism

Terrorist groups such as Isis “Da’ash” and others have resorted to electronic platforms in recent years to facilitate the recruitment and promotion of new members on social networks, especially as the advantages of communication on these sites enhance the communication skills of these groups with their members. This prompted members of the families of the victims of the San Bernardino attacks to accuse Twitter, Facebook and Google of supporting terrorism.

The main accusation is that those companies have not taken adequate measures to combat terrorist activities on their platforms. Prosecutors believe that social media still needs to do more to achieve this goal and to prevent terrorist groups from interacting through it.

The source pointed out that, despite the validity of the claims, the technical companies were not, of course, satisfied with the activity associated with the terrorist groups on their networks. Twitter is an example of this, where it has banned thousands of accounts designed to promote this kind of criminal activity from its social network.

The question is, can social networks fix it before they get out of hand? If you know that there are reports of an encouraging work on developing a social network of their own, you may be aware of the answer.



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