Motorola is developing a new Android tablet

Motorola has finally decided to launch a tablet after several years since the launch of the Zoom 2 Tablet in 2011. The source said he got the picture below, which can identify one of the features in the new tablet.

The new Motorola will come with a 9-10-inch screen, as well as many high-end features. This is expected from Motorola – or Lenovo in the sense of right – because it can not joking in this sector, especially if it knows that it is the future to compete with large companies. However, the specifications are still very rare, as the type of processor, and the size of random or internal memory have not yet been identified.

However, the leaked image can conclude that the new tablet has a pattern called Productivity Mode, which may indicate several things, including support for an external keyboard, and switching the device to a notebook screen. This style is very similar to that found in the Lenovo notebook computer “Yoga Book”.

There are also some icons installed on the taskbar, as on other operating systems such as Windows and Chrome, which reinforces the idea that the new Motorola tablet will support the keyboard and mouse as well. The question remains: will the tablet be a hybrid, or just a traditional tablet that supports external accessories? Perhaps the answer is clear soon.




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