Microsoft will unveil a new device later this month

Microsoft has held a three-day conference to unveil the Surface, but there is another conference on May 23 that will reveal another device.

In a call Microsoft said it would show the world the following in Shanghai without specifying any details. But according to sources, this conference will witness the discovery of a new device and will be a series of servos.

Will it be serviced 5? The new machine will have an updated version of Service Pro 5 that will carry the Intel 7 generation processors. The vice president of Microsoft’s hardware sector has published a news conference call with Hashtag surface.

But why did not Microsoft announce the Service Pro 5 at its conference days ago? It may want to separate it from the laptop because they are two different devices in terms of operating system and even format, since the server Pro convert device.

In any case, we will follow up on what Microsoft will offer on May 23 and let you know in detail.




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