The daily use of the Status feature in WhatsApp is now more than Snapchat

Less than three months after the introduction of the Status feature in the WhatsApp application, the application of WhatsApp outperforms the Story feature in Snapchat. This feature now has around 175 million users, and this number of users is significant for a chatting application, which has more than Billion users from all over the world, Facebook’s strategy appears to clone Snapchat features across its entire suite of applications to bear the desired fruit.

Status’s popularity in WhatsApp was difficult to measure in the United States, because the application is more popular abroad, and today’s Facebook announcement of its financial results and earnings confirms that this property has already had great success according to statistics.

The company says Snapchat faces a tougher challenge than Facebook, and has 161 million users a day. The good news for Snapchat is that more than half of the users do not visit Facebook every day and Instagram application, according to App Annie Posted by Bloomberg.

It is worth mentioning that today, WhatsApp has been down globally but has returned to work again.




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