Tests reveal that the angles of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone are very fragile

The Galaxy S8 is one of the most remarkable handsets, but the Infinity screen lacks some rigidity. The Galaxy S8 has been tested in German test.de team, and the phone has been broken faster than other devices tested.

The German company designed a unique test method that allows the phone to fall from 80 cm high again and again, and this type of fall tests determines the overall durability and rigidity of the device, most smart phones have been subjected to more than 100 drops without much damage, only some light scratches.

But the circular corners of the S8 Galaxy proved to be a weak point in the phone. The phone was equipped with a Gorilla Glass 5 glass that crashed only after the phone fell 50 times. The touch screen appears to be working well and the back panel appears unaffected, .

The German labs at Test.de suggest that you use a phone case, but this will take away the feeling of the unique design of the phone, which is a big part of the S8 Galaxy. However, a $ 984 phone protection might be worth it.




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