Apple invests 1 $ billion in manufacturing jobs inside America

Against the background of Apple’s strong financial results, Tim Cook announced a 1 $ billion investment in the United States in manufacturing-specific jobs, the first step.

Apple’s approach to manufacturing within the United States is not new and surprising, but it can be said that this is the first real step in this area. Apple has 80,000 employees in the United States, most of them in sales in its stores, and 25,000 in R & D departments.

Last year, Apple spent $ 50 billion in the United States to buy components and parts for its equipment manufactured by US companies such as 3M and Corning glass giant Corning.

While we do not expect Apple to make the iPhone in America, it is likely to start with less-demanding devices such as Mac computers.

Apple has asked Foxconn to study the manufacture of iPhone in America, which would raise the cost to double the increase in labor costs.

Assuming that Apple has implemented this scheme and put a factory in Georgia, which has the minimum wage in the United States at $ 5.51 per hour, which means that the salary of the American worker will be 824 dollars a month full-time work 8 hours a day more than double the salary of the Chinese worker.

If Apple thought of putting its factory in California where its headquarters is located, where the lowest rate is $ 9 per hour, the lowest salary would be $ 1,400, which is more than three times the salary of the Chinese worker.

If you make Apple iPhone in America, the price will not be less than $ 1300, is there enough demand at this price ?.




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