Apple extend the time to replacement Apple Watch batteries to three years

Apple has decided to extend the replacement of damaged batteries in the first generation of the Apple Watch Series 1 to three years instead of two years, the official duration of almost all devices.

By 24 April 2017, two years have passed since the launch of the first generation of the Apple smart watch, which means that the replacement program for damaged batteries is no longer valid, but because of these problems extended for another year to become a total period of three years.

Many users have complained about battery bulge or stop working, on the company’s technical support forums. But the news of the problem did not spread much as it did with battery problems that hit the iPhone 6S to name a few.

Apple is preparing to launch the third generation of its smart watch in 2017, according to some sources, an hour that will come in the same design mostly with improvements in the battery and some internal components. Apple also launched two hours in cooperation with Nike Sports, the first carrying Apple Watch Nike +, and the second launched in limited quantities and carried the name of Apple Watch NikeLab, which has been available for purchase for almost a week.

According to CNBC, Apple has recently stepped up its efforts to contribute to the treatment of diabetes using its smart watch. It has assembled a team responsible for the development of the necessary techniques working in a very confidential office at Apple’s main headquarters, mainly composed of biomedical engineers, The network contains this information from three relevant sources.


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