A new virus affects all Mac versions can not detected by antivirus software

We usually hear that non-Windows operating systems are the safest, having been less targeted by cyber criminals. However, this era has come with increasing penetration rates and cyber attacks in recent times. The recently discovered OSX / Dok malware is an example, which can affect and hurt all versions of the Mac system running on Apple computers, whether desktop or notebook.

The virus is detected by Check Point company. By the end of last week, the virus had no presence on VirusTotal, which meant that anti-virus programs were ignoring it, increasing its potential for harm. According to the security company, the virus appears to be a sophisticated and reliable from Apple, so browsers are also not detect any problem, which further increases the seriousness of the threat.

The virus affects the Internet, blocking traffic, but redirecting victims through a malicious proxy of cyber criminals. The path of infection is that the virus is phishing via e-mails.

OSX / Dok targets most users in Europe, but may access any other user’s device in any other country without knowing. You can check the technical details about the new virus via the source link.




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