YouTube launches a great update to its design on computers

Two weeks ago a leaked of a new YouTube design, today announced the service officially so that you can easily experience it. The new design of the site comes with a very clean, white-colored interface with new floating navigation buttons.

The launch of this new interface and design comes on the occasion of the 12-year anniversary of YouTube’s founding. YouTube has adopted the philosophy and language designs “Material Design”, through which Google has unified its site designs, services and even applications.

The new highlight in the new design is the night mode directly without the need for browser add-ons. The night mode, like Twitter and Telegram, displays dark background colors for the page with text and white text conversion. The night mode is switched directly to a special option that appears when you click on the profile image in the upper-right corner.

As well as night mode there are improvements in search and channel page and updated in the theater mode to display the video within a larger player without running the full screen.

These were the virtual modifications, but behind the scenes there are further improvements as the site was rebuilt relying on the JavaScript Polycom Library.

By default, the new design will not be applied to everyone at all, but you should access this page to try it and if they do not like it, they can also revert to the previous design from the Restore classic YouTube option under the profile icon.

What I liked most about design was the night mode, which I hope all major web services will start providing us with for convenience in browsing.




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