Twitter expands live video with 16 partnership agreements

Twitter intends to expand its interest in the content of the video being broadcast across its platform to the public. The company has announced the signing of 16 partnership agreements with channels and companies to produce media and other destinations to broadcast their content over the network.

The most important of these agreements is a partnership with Bloomberg to broadcast video news throughout the day 24 hours a day. In addition, Twitter will feature videos from BuzzFeed, Viacom, Vox Media and others.

During the last quarter, Twitter broadcast 800 hours of video live and direct to more than 45 million active users through which the various programs.

Twitter plans to sign agreements with names such as big-screen television and major sports tournaments to persuade them not only to display their content across their network, but also to offer exclusive content that can only be viewed via Twitter. It will broadcast a wide variety of programs and content such as news, sports, concerts, entertainment, fashion and more.

Under these agreements, Twitter will broadcast short programs from its contractors such as morning news or technical weekly summaries. These short clips still receive more public attention than a live show of a full program lasting more than an hour.

After the success of Facebook in the video either directly or previously registered, Twitter is finally convinced that this type of content is a sure way to grow both in terms of revenue through advertising, or new users and activity, and jumped the company in the trading session yesterday after the announcement of The agreement with Bloomberg.




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