Swift Playgrounds is Apple’s opportunity to change programming forever

When Apple announced the programming language Swift at the WWDC Conference in 2014, it was aimed at changing the way developers program forever. It has been adopted as a more flexible language. Less than three years later, Apple has revolutionized the way Apple’s developers are programmed, this time not by professional programmers, but by children aged 9-16 years.

Apple has the opportunity to re-establish itself as a leading technological force in education. Its goal is to achieve this through its new educational platform, Swift Playgrounds. It is a great way to teach programming, but in a more fun and interactive way.

Swift Playgrounds is an educational gaming environment for the Swift programming language, where it challenges users to solve Swift puzzles. This is what distinguishes this platform. It provides a unique learning tool, unlike most other programming platforms that lack real interaction, or even interactive visual experience. To quote Apple, they want you to learn real programming on an iPad tablet in a fun and serious way.

Like any other language, programming needs to learn just like Spanish or Japanese. This is why Swift Playgrounds, which creates an educational environment with an ideal challenging nature, combined learning with interactive experience by displaying the programmatic link through strings of what happens at the back of the script.

It also opens the programming world for young students, teaching them programming through an attractive and exciting gaming environment. Imagine for a moment that the average age of developers is between 16-18 years, which is not impossible, because Apple recognizes that it needs to invest in children who are still eight years of age, educate them, and enhance their relationship with technology.

Not only does Apple end up not only creating a generation of developers, but a generation that understands and appreciates developers, programming, and applications. These trainees do not necessarily have to be future programmers. They can also work in other jobs such as administration, medicine, and education, but Apple’s goal is to provide them with new skills and insight in promoting technology for their careers.

There are many different steps from Google, which is still far behind the blockly platform, as well as Microsoft and its dependence on Minecraft. But Apple paves the way for the adoption of programming in the classroom, and to enhance the efficiency of students in the creation of various applications or even development of themselves to become software problem solvers.

Programming also helps learners develop their own skills, including critical thinking, complex software solutions, and increased creativity. These skills will be vital in future automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

More important, organizations such as the World Economic Forum view these skills as a prerequisite for labor force prosperity.

This program is an integral part of the emerging and evolving world of technologies. Nor should we ignore the tens of thousands of programming and computer science jobs that remain vacant. On a personal level, the social, emotional and economic components of our lives are directly affected by what the program can achieve. It transcends technological functions, and becomes a catalyst for how people think, visualize, and idealize what programming can do to influence the world around us.


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