Chrome will automatically switch to 64-bit on Windows

If your Windows operating system is a 64-bit version and you have a random memory greater than 4 GB, why are you still using 32-bit Chrome? Google wants to force you to switch to 64-bit to take advantage of many features.

If your device supports 64-bit, it’s in your interest to have all your 64-bit programs. In Chrome 85, this transition will be automatic when updating your copy to get better random memory management and better handling of graphics, for security reasons of course.

If you do not like the new 64-bit version on your device, you can get the previous 32-bit version by downloading it from the Chrome site.

Now, Google has launched the new update, which came with this automatic transition as well as blocking a high security vulnerability while handling the webRTC protocol for voice and video calls through the browser.

On the Mac, Google will stop using its systems to send notifications to users from Web sites and extensions. From the next version, the built-in messaging system will use the Mac system when developers send notifications via its own software interface.




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