Apple will begin selling its first iPhone SE in India

Apple is preparing to produce more than 400,000 iPhone SE phones in India to start selling in the coming period on its online stores for the first time, one Apple online store for the first time.

At present, Apple does not control the sale of iPhone phones in India. The operation is carried out through existing telecommunications companies in the country, but according to the new data, it will start selling the phones on its own.

Apple plans to differentiate the new devices from the rest in some e-shops, which may provide the possibility of engraving the phone as a kind of customization, or providing color and storage space for India, because the devices sold in the rest of the stores originated from China and not Indian.

Apple has recently sought approval from the Indian government to start producing iPhones there, so that it can later open its own stores because law in India prevents any foreign company from selling its electronic devices directly unless it produces at least 40% of which in India.

Apple has set a period of five to 10 years to open three or four stores in India, making it Apple’s first official after years of relying on second companies to sell its products.

The production of iPhone SE in India will help to significantly reduce handset prices to suit the Indian market, one of the largest smart phone markets of the year, which Apple is seeking to penetrate by various means.

At the end of March, Phil Schiller announced that the iOS Application Development Center in India, specifically in Bengaluru, had officially started its work, and was speeding up building the first applications there. The Wall Street Journal reported a week earlier that Apple would begin producing iPhone phones in India, despite the Indian government’s rejection of most of Apple’s claims before the plant opened.


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