The Beta version of WhatsApp allows you to install 3 chats at the top

With so many contacts and groups, you will feel an anarchist conversation list in WhatsApp that allows you to install 3 chats at the top or back up to reach a specific contact in order to communicate with them. Of course, the order of conversations changes in the chat list, depending on the ranking of the most recent messages.

Today, in a new version of the WhatsApp application on Android and the version number of WhatsApp 2.17.162, it has a small but very useful feature. The user can now install 3 conversations at the top by constantly clicking on the conversation. The new comment icon will appear and the conversation will remain on top regardless of recent conversations.

In addition, over time users can change pending conversations as they see fit. Finally, to take advantage of this feature you will need WhatsApp 2.17.162 or WhatsApp 2.17.163 to download from here, or join the application community from the Play Store here.




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