New photos leaked to smart watch and handset from Fitbit

We heard some time ago that Fitbit had some problems with developing its next smart watch, but based on some of the new leaked images that came on Yahoo Finance, it seems the company is making significant progress.

The name of the new smart clock is expected to be “Project Higgs”, and is also expected to be an upgraded version of the Blaze Fitness Bracelet launched last year with some changes and improvements both in design and interior features, and when looking at the design, it is noticeable that ring body is replaced by a square body surrounded by metal edges to add some color touches around the screen.

A source for the Yahoo Finance platform said that Fitbit’s new smart clock will support GPS, will be able to measure heart rate, and for the brightness of the screen, the clock supports the presence of 1,000 nits and this is certainly one of the most important features that competed in the new generation of Apple watch, the new smart clock is also expected to support wireless payment services. It will also support the playback of Pandora music clips and will extend the battery life to 4 consecutive days. As for the operating system, it is clear that Fitbit will list its operating system instead of Android Wear.

It should be noted that the company postponed the launch of Fitbit for the new smart watch because of some problems in the GPS antennas, and there were some other problems in making the watch support water resistance, the company certainly continues to work to fix all these problems.

When talking about the Fitbit speakers, it is clear that it will be similar to the BeatsX wireless earphones. It is expected to have the iconic name Parkside and features some metallic touches on the ear part. It is also worth mentioning here that there is no confirmed information on the specifications of the new speakers but what we mention Based on leaked images in front of us.

Although Fitbit is scheduled to launch its new smart watch officially this spring, after production problems occur, it is expected to launch in the fall at a cost of about $ 300. The wireless headset is expected to be launched at the same time at $ 150.




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