Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Windows 10 S

In a few hours, Microsoft will announce a new laptop, which is the upgraded version of the Surface, which many thought would come as Surface Book 2 as a mobile device, but it is expected to be a device to compete with Google devices and Microsoft seeks to take the title of ” Chromebook killer “where it will come with the new Windows 10” S “operating system and also known as Windows 10 Cloud.

It is clear that Microsoft is trying on this new computer to return to the field of education, and is expected to focus on the launch of a device is characterized by the cost of medium and operates a safer operating system is Windows 10 S, and indicated many expectations that the new system will allow the operation of all applications from the store Windows Applications.

New leaks revealed that the new computer is expected to come with a weight of 1.25 kg and will come in thickness 14.47 mm and will come with a 13.5-inch PixelSense, and there is no confirmed information so far that the new device will support the presence of the Surface Pen  or not.

The new device is expected to come in four color options: silver and light blue, light blue and light blue. These colors are very much in line with the students’ tastes.




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