Collaboration between Twitter and Bloomberg to broadcast news 24 hours

Twitter is seeking to increase its presence as a platform for online broadcasting. That is why the massive social network, together with Bloomberg, has been providing a 24-hour news channel throughout the week, according to a Wall Street report.

According to the sources, the cooperation between the two companies will be announced by Michael Bloomberg and Jack Dorsey later today. The service will be launched later this fall, and no financial details about the service or even its proposed name have been disclosed. But in my personal opinion, “Twitter 24” may be a good name for them and I expect to fully rely on ads to earn revenue.

Of course, the new channel from Twitter will not be similar to the one currently in Bloomberg, as the latter channel is heavily focused on financial news, but the new channel will broadcast various kinds of news and full content will be verified before it is broadcast.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that the two companies have cooperated with each other, having previously cooperated to cover the 2016 US presidential election.




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