Apple’s self-driving car appears in its first images during tests in California

Bloomberg has published first images of Apple’s tests of its own driving system in California, almost 10 days after it received the official authorization from the Vehicle Authority.

Apple is using a Lexus RX450h, Velidne’s Lidar sensors, at least two radar systems and a range of cameras on the sides of the car.

According to these data, Apple currently focuses on the self-driving system instead of the development of special devices and sensors, which illustrates the trend of efforts that began more than two years ago without any details from the company itself, or any other sources.


Speculation about Apple’s car has long been brewing, with sources citing Apple’s desire to build an electric car, and other reports showing Apple’s desire to work on a self-driving system that combines operating system and sensors. But according to the first images, the focus is currently only on the system.

Many companies rely on Lexus vehicles to test self-driving systems, including Google. It is also not yet clear whether Didi will be part of Apple’s testing because of Steve Jobs’ massive investment of 1 $ billion.

In addition to obtaining permits to test California’s self-driving system, Didi is seeking the same permit within the same state after it opened its first position there a short time ago.


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