The main button on the Galaxy S8 phone changes its position

One of the biggest changes in the Galaxy S8 phone is the removal of the main button from the front of the phone. The decision was made in order to provide as much screen as possible on the front of the phone, but the owners of the S8 phones have noticed something unexpected in their new phones that the main button moves.

The rice movement is not particularly noticeable if you use the phone on a daily basis, but if you paste a paper on the phone screen as a reference point, you can clearly see the button move back and forth with a simple degree. We have seen the images that a Dutch site called GalaxyClub showed what happens to the button main.

The best explanation for what happens is that the main button of the phone moves to avoid screen damage. This is a problem usually associated with old CRT screens and occurs when a single image is left on the screen for a very long time. This problem was actually the reason for creating screensavers , the original use of which was to change the pixels on the screen, preventing any static image from being displayed for too long.

So, while you may seem to be moving the main button on a strange Galaxy S8 phone, it’s useful to protect your screen.




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