Google started displaying images of shopping products in photo search

Google began to develop the image search tool to facilitate shopping. In some cases, clicking on the image results shows you a list of shopping images and a wide range of products inside the picture. For example, if you look at a picture of someone wearing sunglasses and carrying a handbag, View the purchase links for the bag and glasses, or at least a pair similar to them.

It will eventually be expanded in a big way. Currently, shopping suggestions will appear in mobile searches and in Android search apps. These images are only supported for a few categories of products such as handbags, sunglasses and shoes. Clothes and other products will be added in the next few months. , Such as homes and garden products, the official name of the shopping results will be “similar items”

Google says it depends on device visibility, product analysis, and similar product selection, but it’s not clear how effective it is because it also relies heavily on web developers who need to add metadata to sites before they upload images as suggestions. Google has already accepted this data since last December.

Google says that the price and availability information was a great demand for image search users and will start with extensions to make searching for images seem more like the Pinterest website which is often considered a photo search tool with attached shopping information. Similarly, Opens the door to more profits, because Google is likely to get a percentage of the profits for the images you’re displaying in the search, and Google plans to expand that feature to more platforms later this year.




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