200 million users Instagram stories and launch new posters

The growth of Instagram users’ interest in stories has increased, with the number of viewers raising new stories to 200 million, up from 150 million in January.

Instagram also announced new tools in the front of the camera for smart stickers such as geographically, silphically or commentally.

When you take a photo or video and click on the smiley face icon, you’ll see a new sticker with the camera icon allowing you to take a small photo of yourself. After capturing the image, click Apply different frame styles: fade, instant image, or circle, then place the ancestral poster anywhere, adjust the size, and use other creative tools.

You can also take advantage of the ancestral poster by installing it in a specific position within the video. Simply hold and hold the label, move it over anything or subject and confirm by clicking “Install.” The installation feature is available with any label and any text.

Instagram launched geo-posters last month in key cities such as New York, Jakarta and Sao Paulo, and now launches in four other cities – Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo.

Instagram offers a shortcut that lets you access your favorite posters. After clicking the smiley face icon icon, just swipe right to see your recent labels.

This update as usual is gradually reaching Intragam users around the world.




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