Finally Telegram offers voice call feature through its new update

Among all the chat applications, Telegram is the most outstanding thanks to its updates, which always add new and innovative features. The only thing users have always complained about is the inability to make voice calls and to limit only chat features. Users of the app can now breathe a sigh of relief after the developer announced the launch of voice calls.

As with any application update, the developer team provide something new and innovative to users. For voice calls, according to the developer team, it has been working over several months to make this feature full of additions and improvements that will make the best voice experience for users, both in terms of quality, speed, protection and privacy, Machine Learning Techniques.

In terms of protection and privacy, developers emphasize the introduction of end-to-end encryption in voice calls, but through its development and adoption of a key exchange mechanism between the two parties to protect users from “man in the middle” attacks. Key activation is done by comparing four emoji codes between the two ends of the connection and making sure they match, without the need to activate any other code.

As of the speed of creating conversations between users is confirmed by providing peer-to-peer connections. If this type of connection is not possible, the nearest Server server will be used for users to secure the fastest connection possible. In particular that the application depends on a large number of servers deployed around the world, which will contribute to providing the fastest channels of communication between users. (For more on how to protect voice calls in Telegram: click here).
Last but not least, the artificial intelligence and machine learning features were added to Telegram’s voice calls. The developed team asserts that the goal here is not to “tap” user conversations and steal their contents because they are completely protected from such breaches, Speed of exchange with Ping Time servers and others, in order to develop calls continuously, especially if the user has a slow connection to the Internet. According to the announcement from Telegram, the advantage of voice calls currently through the application is the best compared to all other chat and communication applications.
Finally, if you want to use Telegram only to chat, you can always disable voice calls, whether for a specific person, group of people or even permanently. Also, the option to reduce the amount of Internet data consumed through Telegram connections will be reduced by 25-30% via the Use Less Data option.


Telegram voice calls will be available across Western European countries at present, with the developer team confirming the app to bring the feature to all users in the coming days and weeks. For those who are not currently receiving voice calls, a final feature for sharing videos across the app is the ability to select the video resolution before sending it, to reduce its size and provide more data while in use.

The new update has version number v3.18 and is available for download from the app’s link on the Play Store: Click here, or you can download the apk file for the application from the APK Mirror website: click here. This feature is currently not available for the Telegram version on personal computers.


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